Canoga Park, CA Survey

Christopher Riscen
3 min readMar 7, 2021


The community of Canoga Park, CA speak their minds for their community.

When making the survey I did not realize how difficult it would be to distribute to my community. For my survey, I tried distributing my survey many ways. I distributed the survey through social media, emails,, and with the help of others who shared it to people they knew.

I distributed my survey through Facebook and Twitter. Twitter was more for my friends to see and get the word out. This was a challenge because if people did not see it on their timeline, they would not fill out my survey or share it. I did post it to Facebook as well. I might have gotten some responses from posting it to Canoga Park Neighborhood Council Group feed. This process had its challenges because I had to get approval to post it to the Facebook group from the president of the council. Social media does work sometimes for people doing surveys.

Facebook post on Canoga Park Neighborhood Council.

For emails, I contacted the president of the council again. This is how I got through to the president of the council. We relayed emails and eventually helped me get it posted and shown to the Facebook group. There was some challenge because it took a few days to get approval. was a big help for my survey. I have never used this before, but it is a great way to be involved with your community. People saw my survey and decided to fill out because it was their community. message to my community.

The biggest challenge I faced was getting people to take the survey. I got a few responses early on but was worried I was not going to get enough. I kept reminding people on Facebook and and I noticed when I sent a deadline for the survey, people started to fill it out.

My survey for my community.

Currently I have 32 responses on my survey of Canoga Park, CA. Some responses are not in Canoga Park. I got responses from West Hills and Winnetka, CA as well which are close by Canoga Park. I was not expecting to get that much. I feel like I had a wide range of people who did my survey. The youngest person who filled it out was 20 and the oldest was 74 years old. I was surprised of the wide range of ages participating. I got more responses of people in their 50s and 60s. I still got a range, but this was where I got the most.

Age of participants of my survey.

The race displayed in my survey had most of the responses being white and Latino. The gaps I have from my survey is that there are no other races being represented in my survey. This is who represented my community in this survey.

The community did speak up on what issues they want more information about. Some of them consisted of COVID, crime, homeless, vaccination information, animal abuse, illegal fireworks, policing, and coyotes are just some of the news people want in my community.

Surveys are great ways to get to know your community more. 32 people in my community took their own time to do my survey and it was a huge help.



Christopher Riscen

CSUN Journalism Major.